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Video ads can stand alone like traditional ads, or they can be part of native advertising. Either way, they have shown to be highly effective at connecting with consumers. In research conducted on user behavior, CodeFuel found that online users prefer to consume content as video, including ads. But the format isn’t the only thing that matters; the ad also has to be just as engaging as your content has to be.

Our research showed that 43% of users said they would fully watch a video ad if it had interesting content. Other factors that influenced whether users would view ads included whether the ad had an interesting offer or whether it was from a brand the user knew and liked. You can use this information to your advantage to create interesting and relevant videos for advertising, whether in PPC and other traditional avenues like sidebar ads or in native advertising.

It is also important that you accompany your advertising campaign with a strong brand marketing campaign. If your ad is the first time someone is learning about your brand, the ad may not be as effective. You need to get the word out about your brand while you are also advertising your specific products and services.

While the online landscape has changed dramatically and shifted the way we advertise, there are still many opportunities to reach consumers and get a huge return on your investment. The key to success is staying in the know about shifting behaviors and interests so that you can create ads that resonate with users.

Native advertising and video ads will certainly help you get over the barrier of ad blockers and user resistance. Be thoughtful about the content in those ads and you’ll get the results you want, not only getting people to look at your ads but also getting them to become loyal customers.


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